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How to Submit Your Tax Documents

How to Submit Your Tax Documents

February 01, 2021
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As we all continue to deal with the changes COVID has brought to everyday life, we understand that you likely do not want to take on the unnecessary risk of having an in-person tax appointment. That’s why we would like to share the following alternative methods you can use to submit your tax documents to us:

  • Secure Drawer: Click the "Secure Drawer Login" button on the top right of this page.
  • Mail or drop off: 15 Union Avenue, Rutherford, NJ 07070
  • Fax: (201) 804-2722
  • Email: [email protected]


We can accommodate both Zoom and phone tax appointments, but if you feel that it is necessary to have an in-person appointment, we can accommodate that as well. If you require an in-person appointment, please remember that:

  • Only those getting their taxes done can be at the appointment
  • Masks are required at all times


Please let us know how you would like to proceed to have your taxes completed.