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eMoney Client Sign-Up Instructions

1. You will receive a text message stating that we have given you online access to view your accounts. This text will also tell you to look for an email titled eMoney Access.

2. Find the email titled eMoney Access. Open this email and click on the provided link.

3. The link will take you to a sign-up page. Enter your Social Security number or ID Number that we can provide and your Date of Birth.

  • Click Sign Up. If more than one person is in the household, both parties' Social Security numbers or ID Numbers and Dates of Birth are required.
  • You will then see a screen with your mobile phone number(s). Select the correct number and click Send Password.

4. You will then be given a username for your account. Write this username down before you go to the login screen. Select Click to Launch eMoney, and use the username and temporary password sent to you via text to log in to your eMoney portal. You will be asked to create security questions.

5. After logging in, click Let's Get Started to set goals and plans for your financial future and to enter information about your current financial situation. To skip this step, click Go to my homepage at the bottom of the screen.

6. It's recommended to change the password to one you can remember. Click the Settings tab from your eMoney homepage, then click the Security tab. Enter in the temporary password and your new password, then click Save. All passwords require at least 8 digits, one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and a number.

Setting Up eDelivery

Once you have completed your eMoney client portal set up, you can set your eDelivery preferences for your Avantax brokerage accounts.

1. Select Settings in the upper right corner. Select the eDelivery tab and follow the steps to enable eDelivery. You must complete setup for each account.

2. Once eDelivery is enabled, locate your documents in the Brokerage Account Documents folder contained within the Vault.

Setting Up Access on iPhone or Android

1. On your iPhone or Android, access your preferred web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.), and enter Enter your username and password.

2. Next, set a passcode for easier login. 

3. Proceed to the eMoney site and add the site to your bookmark toolbar or home screen. 

Note: The screenshots above are from an iPhone. Android users will have a slightly different view, but the experience and instructions are the same.

Accessing the eMoney Website